On Sunday, March 11th, Mrs. Johnson met our favorite author, Todd Parr at the Michigan Reading Association conference.

We were so excited to hear all about his life as an author.

We also loved the story about how he found his dog, Bully. Mrs. Johnson brought home an autographed copy of Todd Parr’s new book Underwear Do’s and Don’ts...


This is a great book!
Let your dog wear your underwear?
Note to self: Wear underwear under costume!
It’s okay to wear a funny, green hat  :-)

Dear Mr. Parr,

We love your books. Eddie says you are the best author in the world. Nneka wishes your books were free. Daniel cracked up when he heard Underwear Do’s and Don’ts. Sammi wants to know how Bully is doing. Kaitlyn wonders what you will be writing about next. Janelle suggests you write a book about Bully. Nicholas asks how you are doing. Did you have a good flight back to California? Kendall wants to know if you liked Michigan. Jose-Daniel wonders if you are Irish and says “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”! Joshua, Shaakira, Max and Navkiran think that you are a great artist. Daniel’s favorite was when you painted the car in Japan. We are so excited to write to you. We hope that you will write back to us.

Love, Mrs. Johnson’s Class

P.S. Don’t wear your underwear in public!