Todd Parr

Todd and his dogs Pete and Tater Tot

Pete, Tater Tot, and Jerry were all adopted from Berkeley Animal Care and Control. Animals bring so much love and comfort and there are so many that need a good home. If you have room for another family member, or can volunteer to help, check out your local shelter or the ASPCA .

Love, Todd, Pete, Tater Tot, and Jerry




Todd Shares His Story of "Becoming a Pit Bull Person" with StubbyDog.

Bully at the beach

Photo by Jerry Giovanni

Todd tells the story of how he came to share his life with pit bulls. For Todd, it all started 14 years ago at a grocery store:

"I picked him up, put him inside my coat pocket and went into the store. I bought dog food and treats, all the while thinking, 'What am I doing?' I walked through the store thinking this little guy needs me, but I didn’t realize until later how much I needed him as well."

Read the full story here.

ToddWorld building

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